Bathroom Renovation

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Our Process


Initial Consultation

During our first conversation, our team will ask you about different aspects of your renovation project to better understand your needs and preferences. Afterward, we will assign an experienced licensed contractor to conduct a free in-home consultation at your property.


In Person Consultation

Our skilled licensed contractor will arrive at the agreed-upon date and time to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the designated remodeling area. This step allows us to gather firsthand insights into the scope of the project.


Estimate Submission

After performing an on-site assessment, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that breaks down the anticipated costs associated with your remodeling project. Our easy-to-understand estimate ensures clarity and sets realistic expectations for the financial aspect of the renovation.


Materials Consultation

To make the selection process easier, we provide the option to take clients to nearby vendors for an in-person consultation regarding the selection of materials. We are well-versed with the stores and Stephen Bass himself will assist you in navigating the stores to make the best use of our time.



After the consultation and materials selection, we will now develop a detailed contract proposal that outlines the terms, scope of work, payment schedule, proposed schedule, and key project details.



If your remodeling project requires a permit, we’ll handle the acquisition process to ensure compliance with local building regulations. This is essential for a smooth and legal progression of the project.



With all necessary permits secured, we transition into the dynamic construction phase, marking the actual commencement of your remodeling project. This phase is designed systematically, encompassing demolition, preparation, and installation.


Inspection and Edit

As we near the end of the construction phase, we move into a critical stage of final inspection, which underscores our dedication to providing you with a remodel that exceeds your expectations. This rigorous process is designed to guarantee that every detail conforms to your vision and project requirements.


Final Review

The final walk-through is a session where you can ask questions and seek clarifications to ensure a smooth conclusion of the project. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive answers and addressing any concerns you may have.

General Service And Approach

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